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SAAT 1 Inch (25.4mm) throat 90 x 40 Dispersion Bolt-On Horn Flare ( SH402)

SAAT 1 Inch (25.4mm) throat 90 x 40 Dispersion Bolt-On Horn Flare ( SH402)

The SH402 is an imported  1” inch throat flat fronted exponential horn flare with a  650 Hz cut off which maintains constant 90 degree horizontal coverage and 40 degree vertical but narrowing the vertical coverage to equalize the high-frequency response.   Three bolt mounting options are provided

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The imported SAAT SH 402 horn flare provides wide and very even horizontal coverage with extended low frequency loading.  The vertical pattern is narrow and steadily equalised which also keeps the horizontal energy constant these features make this horn suitable for use in systems designed for small and medium sized venue is in applications where a slightly wider horizontal pattern is desired.  The glass-filled ABS resin with ten bolt front mounting pattern keeps the horn firmly in place and ensures a good cabinets seal.  The finish is matte black and support ribs along each of the four walls provide extra rigidity to the horn. The large format extends the coupling down to 650Hz and allows this horn to be paired with more durable high moving mass woofers. The rigid construction also allows the use of a higher at moving mass compression drivers so your entire system can take more abuse.  The wider horizontal coverage combined with narrow equalised vertical coverage make the SH402 a solid choice for use in mains cabinets for small and medium venues or for use in large format close field floor or side fill monitor applications.


  • Throat size: 1″/25 mm
  • Dispersion: 90 x 40
  • Cutoff  frequency: 650 Hz
  • Mounting type: Three Bolt Mtg
  • Construction: Glass filled ABS Resin
  • Net Weight: 1.0 kgm
  • Overall width: 450 mm
  • Overall height: 175 mm
  • Overall depth: 175 mm


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